Monday, August 20, 2012

Vector Images: Animation Props

Here are some props I did for the youtube cartoon "Life After Pride".  All images were created in Adobe Illustrator.  Note these were created for characters to wear, hold, use, etc, so they were designed according to how they were to be used.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012



Chang is a young stage magician, who operates out of a tiny theater, where his magic show is the main attraction.  Although he is fairly young, Chang has traveled the world studying the dark arts.  Does his talents include more than just stage magic?  And what is his dark secret that he keeps locked up in a small magic box?


Mehal is a juggler, and Chang's opening act.  While his primary responsibility in Chang's small troupe is juggling, he also functions as Chang's "lovely assistant" for illusions that call for one.  Mehal is a few years younger than Chang, although he is more mature and composed, and will often calm Chang down when he gets frantic.  Is there romance in the air?


Hazy is the rabbit in Chang's hat, and an integral part of many of the show's most dazzling illusions.  But don't let tradition fool you.  Chang is not his owner, nor is he a "pet" in any way.  He is a partner in Chang's act, and quite a talented magician in his own right.  There's just one problem:  he is a terrible reefer addict, much to Chang's chagrin, and that can often spell disaster for the show.

Ghaliya is an ancient freed genie, who travels through time, space, and dimensions, to pass eternity.  She is also Chang's dear friend.  Her powers are enormous, yet they are powers Chang would never utilize for his act, feeling it would be "cheating".  While to most she is indecent and unruly, she treats Chang with great affection.  Does their connection transcend this life AND this time, in ways only she knows? 

 More to come on this, but I figured I'd give a little taste.

Designs/Images and text copyright 2012, Carmine Castronuova

Thursday, November 10, 2011

End of Summer / Early Fall Stuff


Acrylic, started this one mid-summer, finished it towards the end
Just a quick pencil drawing

A quick sketch

Monday, October 10, 2011


This one is a work in progress, but you get the idea

Sunday, October 9, 2011


These are some oil paintings from years ago.  I figured I'd post them.  This is the style I liked to work in....